Elderberry Grower Resources

Elderberry Growers Resources

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Interested in propagating elderberries? Whether you are a backyard or a "back 40" elderberry grower, we think you'll find the following resources very helpful. While elderberries are relatively easy to grow, there a couple things you should know about this incredible plant before you dive in. If you get a chance we encourage you to read the Norm's Farms Our Story page to see how it all began and why Elderberries.

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Elderberry Cuttings: What You Need To Do When Your Shipment Arrives

This short document illustrates the Do’s and Don’ts of how to handle your elderberry cuttings. You will find everything, from what to do when they arrive to suggestions on planting instructions, plus what can be done to be prepared before they arrive. Read or print it.

Bare Root Mature Plants

This describes how to handle and plant bare root mature plants, complete with illustrations. Read or print it.

Pruning Elderberries

Here is some great info on how to improve yields and manage unruly growth. Get your complimentary copy.

Elderberry Advice

Most everything you need to know about elderberry requirements including soil preference, sun requirements and harvest info and be found here.

Additionally, another source of good information is this chapter written on elderberry from the book "Hedgerow Medicine". Click to read or print.

Elderberry Financial Decision Support Tool

Click here for a very useful Elderberry Financial Decision Support Tool from the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry.

NRCS Financial and Technical Assistance

Click here for more information about the NRCS Financial and Technical Assistance available for elderberry farmers.

Elderberry Diseases

Click here for a wealth of information regarding the various diseases that can affect Elderberry plants and ways in which you can prevent and treat them.

Elderberry Improvement Project

Click here for more information about the Elderberry Improvement Project, an Elderberry research project conducted at the University of Missouri and Missouri State University.


Click here to read the article 'Wyldewood,' - the first release from the Elderberry Improvement Project. You can read more about the promising new variety of Wyldewood!

Norm Knew

Norman Lenhardt, the founder of Norm's Farms, it seems knew a thing or two about Elderberries and their benefits long before Elderberries became the "New Miracle" super food that it is becoming today. Even if you're not an Elderberry Grower you can benefit from the Elderberry Extracts and syrups available for delivery right here at Norm's Farms online store.