At Norm's Farms, we love feedback. We recently received some valuable feedback concerning the bottles we use for our Elderberry Supplements. Some folks were having some trouble getting a clean pour and so we created a short tutorial video to give you some tips on how to pour Elderberry Extract like a pro!


Norms Farm's Is Family Owned

Norm's Farms was started by a North Carolina family in honor of Norman Joe, a farmer, land preservation activist, and Rodger's father. We hope to help him honor his vision for land use!

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While your favorite Norm's Farms products are predominately sold across the state of North Carolina, you can also find our delicious and healthful extracts, syrups and jams in 22 states in the U.S. We hope to keep this number growing steadily until you can find us nationwide. If you're interested in seeing Norm's Farms in a store near you, make sure to make a request with the purchasing manager!

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