About Us

About Us

Norman Lenhardt

Our story begins with Norman Lenhardt, who had a vision for the world. He wanted to protect and preserve America's farm lands while also ensuring that we would have enough food to feed the world. When Norm was not advocating for farm preservation, city planning, or wildlife protection, he spent his time on his 170-acre farm. Located in the Missouri river bottom of Hartsburg, MO, Norm's Farm boasts some of the richest soil in the world. Today the farm is managed by Norm's son, Rodger Lenhardt. In honor of Norm's dream for land preservation, the farm has been put in a trust.

Norman Lenhardt

An Elderberry Farm

An Elderberry Farm

Norm’s Farms, founded by Ann, Rodger, and Erin Lenhardt in Pittsboro, NC, is a way of carrying on Norm's work and vision. The Norm's Farms family believes in the sustainable production of healing foods made with natural, simple ingredients--just like the elderberries Norm's Farms grows. Because the Norm's Farms family recognizes that their small Missouri farm cannot keep up with the company's demand, they have begun working with small family farmers in North Carolina to help establish elderberry orchards or a partial Elderberry Farm. Norm’s Farms will have a local source of elderberries for their products in addition to those grown in Missouri.
We strive to be your go-to-source for all things elderberries, including but not limited to all aspects of this amazing berry's history, uses, and potential for sustainable cultivation in North America.

Why Elderberry?

Norm's Farms is at the forefront of one of the most sustainable and exciting new crops: Elderberry. This emerging superfruit is packed with Vitamins A, B and C , iron, potassium, and the powerful antioxidants known as anthocyanins. The plants are a hardy perennial, and are naturally disease resistant. Surprisingly, only 10% of the elderberries consumed in the US are actually grown here; the other 90% are grown in Europe. We're working to change that by selling plants and making value-added elderberry products.

Why Elderberry?

Why Is Elderberry So Good For You?

Elderberries are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and are known for boosting the immune system. While the exact mechanism of how elderberry stimulates the immune system is not fully understood, scientists generally agree that elderberry's high concentration of certain kinds of antioxidants, called bioflavonoids, are probably involved. Elderberry is also mildly laxative, diuretic and diaphoretic as well, which means it helps remove fluids from the system. However, if you drink too much of it, you'll be removing too many fluids! For that reason, it is best to remember that a little bit of elderberry goes a long way, and to always drink plenty of water as well.

Elderberries Contain Powerful Amounts Of:

Elderberry Facts

Join in on the Fun

Norm's Farms is dedicated to growing elderberry plants using sustainable farming practices. We believe it is the best way to produce all-natural, healthy and absolutely delicious elderberries. However, we are not the only ones involved in this process; you can be too! Therefore, we invite you to grow your own elderberry plants in your own backyard. We have a variety of elderberry cuttings for purchase, as well as plenty of elderberry knowledge to help your new plants grow!

Elderberry Cuttings

We have several varieties of elderberry cuttings for sale. The Norm's Farms Elderberry Nursery can supply you with just a few plants for your backyard garden, or, if you are a commercial farmer, we can supply you with all the plants your farm needs!

Things to Know

Cuttings are taken from elderberry canes when the plants are dormant, and are shipped in the cold winter months of January, February and March. While we welcome orders for cuttings at any time, please note that orders are held until they can be safely shipped, and we will contact you to determine a ship date that works for you.

Grower Resources

Interested in propagating elderberries? Whether you are a backyard or a "back 40" elderberry grower, we think you'll find the following resources very helpful. While elderberries are relatively easy to grow, there a couple things you should know about this incredible plant before you dive in.

Your Own Farm

If you would like to be involved on a larger scale, you might consider applying to be a wholesaler of our great American made elderberry products; or, if you happen to grow (or want to grow) elderberries, apply to be one of our berry suppliers. We're always looking for partners to help us share and spread the good news about elderberries!

How to use Elderberry

We've assembled a few of our favorite options for incorporating elderberry into a daily diet here. We hope you enjoy these tips and invite you to check out our recipes for great tasting ways to get elderberry into your family's diet.

Let's get cookin'

We have a wealth of recipes available on our website for your consideration. Norm's Farms' recipes have been created in our own home kitchen and by creative chefs who love elderberry, including the fantastic chef Forrest Mason of the Saucy Spork and North Carolina's favorite personal chef, The Food Fairy. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!