Elderberry Supplements: Why Quality and Transparency are More Important Than Ever

Elderberry Supplements: Why Quality and Transparency are More Important Than Ever

You’ve probably noticed it too. Elderberry has soared in popularity recently, because it’s naturally packed full of immune-boosting nutrients. The sudden uptick in demand (coupled with a limited supply in the U.S. and elsewhere) has created shortages and driven some brands to add other ingredients to their elderberry products, like black rice and blueberry. But when brands don’t name the other ingredients on their bottle labels, it’s called elderberry adulteration, and it leads to misinformation about the ingredients inside the natural health products you buy.

3rd Party Testing for Transparency

You deserve to know exactly what goes into your dietary supplements. That’s why we test ours for polyphenols and anthocyanins—the nutrients that give elderberries their immune boosting qualities—through USP Monograph quality standards. These high standards take a look at the identity, strength, purity, and performance of our ingredients.

In addition, we have our nutraceuticals Tru ID tested, a certification program that uses DNA technology to verify the identity of the plant species you find on our product labels.

These strict, 3rd party testing measures mean you can rest assured you’re getting authentic elderberry every time you take a spoonful of Norm's Farms. And when it comes to effectively supporting your body’s natural immune response, knowing makes all the difference.

Ensuring Quality from Nature to Nurture

We’re elderberry people, first and foremost. Norm’s Farms is able to ensure our customers quality elderberry products because we have control of our supply chain, from farm to finished product. We grow our own elderberries right here in the United States, and we have direct relationships with other elderberry farmers. We manufacture our own supplements, and we build long-lasting partnerships with companies in North America that meet the same level of quality standards we do.

We know our supplements intimately—from nature to nurture. We’ve done it this way from the get-go because (1) it ensures we have complete transparency over our ingredients and (2) it guarantees your family is receiving legitimate, quality elderberry every day.

Norm’s Commitment to Continued Innovation

We’ve invested in research on the whole elderberry, from the root of the plant and its flowers to the berry itself. We’re in the midst of launching new products that match your taste preferences and fit into your busy lifestyle. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know everything that goes on at Norm’s.
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