Demo InterActive

Welcome Norm's Farms Elderberry Ambassadors 

This is the Norm's demo scheduling program.  It is where you order new supplies, report the results of your completed demos or if need be, cancel a demo.  

It was designed with you in mind.  We have made it as easy as possible and we hope you will agree.  

When selecting a store to schedule please pick the month first and then select the specific store from the drop down list for the location you wish to demo.  Once it has been scheduled you can report how the demo went or cancel the event should something get in the way.  The selection is automatically entered in to the shared Norm's Farms calendar fro promotion and support.  Demos not scheduled using this platform can not be reported for payment.  

Feed back is always welcome.  


for customer support call 417-522-1375


Get Demo Supplies

In order to put on a rockin' demo and spread the good word about elderberries and Norm's Farms, you'll need to be properly equipped with the right supplies. Use this form to communicate with the team about which supplies you'll need for your upcoming demos.


Need Help?

Are you new to the team or having trouble with the demo process? Or do you need to get a store added for scheduling in a given month? You're in luck! Click the button below for PDF instructions on the demo process or reach out to Rodger with questions or requests to add a store for any given month at  Please no phone calls, texts or emails when submitting stores for scheduling. 


Learn about the wonders of elderberry

elderberry supplement trio with ripe elderberries in the fore ground