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We got our humble start going door to door, asking neighbors to try our elderberry products. But the word spread quickly and so did the love for Norm’s Farms' elderberry. Now, our whole body health products can be found in stores across the nation, and it's all because of you. Check out what others are saying about Norm's Farms in these elderberry reviews below:

Elderberry Extract exceptional quality, no sugar! Fast shipping! Very fair pricing, what a great company!


These elderberry products are top of the line. We've tried other various elderberry products, but Norm's Farms is far superior. Many of the other brands we tried were very syrupy and too sweet. My kids and I love the Norm's Farms elderberry though. It tastes a little bit like grape juice. We have been taking it religiously every night and haven't gotten sick despite being exposed to many illnesses. Highly recommended.


Love their products..always good quality and very effective. My favorite is the elderberry wellness syrup. I highly recommend it! It's amazing as a tea!

Kristina C.

I’m very impressed with the quality of their elderberry extracts! I was worried it was going to be a sugary syrup like most others on the market, but it’s not AND they make a kids version that’s more palatable!

Ben & Ashley L.

I absolutely adore Norm's Farms! Their products are simply amazing. Their elderberry is delicious & my husband, daughter and I take it every single day. We are huge fans of this company!

Monique H.

I love their elderberry products and so does my daughter. Our entire family takes the elderberry extract and children’s formula. You can’t beat the flavor! Our daughter just drinks it straight and would drink the whole bottle if I would let her! Great quality products to keep your family happy and healthy.

Angela Y.

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