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Holiday Elderberry Cranberry Mimosas
22 Dec
Drinks Holiday Elderberry Cranberry Mimosas

Taking elderberry every day is a great way to support a healthy lifestyle, but it’s especially important to get your daily dose in this time of year. We love thinking up creative ways to incorporate more elderberry, and that’s why we’ve created the Ultimate Christmas Morning Mimosa.

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Spooky Elderberry Brew
23 Oct
Drinks Spooky Elderberry Brew

Our Spooky Elderberry Brew is a great way to let the kids enjoy a sweet treat while sneaking in a dose of all natural immune boosting elderberry.

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Lacto-fermented Probiotic Black Elderberry Lemonade Soda
12 Jul
Drinks Lacto-fermented Probiotic Black Elderberry Lemonade Soda

I adore fermentation. Anyone who knows me probably agrees that I border obsessed. With their skyrocketing popularity these days, one might assume f...

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Elderberry Matcha Shake
06 Apr
Drinks Elderberry Matcha Shake

Forrest Mason, author of the Saucy Spork blog, created this awesome shake recipe using Matcha Tea and our Elderberry Wellness Syrup.  Matcha Tea is...

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Elderflower Syrup
30 May
Drinks Elderflower Syrup

Elderflower Syrup making season is here!  This year the North Carolina Elderberries are flowering at the same time as the honeysuckle and wild mult...

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Elderberry Shrub
29 May
Drinks Elderberry Shrub

Our Shrub recipe is inspired by the old fashioned fruit-infused vinegar drink dating back to the colonial days. Before refrigeration, folks often p...

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Rosy-Cheeked Restorative
29 Jan
Drinks Rosy-Cheeked Restorative

Juicing At Home We created the Rosy-Cheeked Restorative juice recipe one cold winter morning in order to protect ourselves from the nasty viruses t...

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Elderberry Spritzer
06 Aug
Drinks Elderberry Spritzer

Elderberry Spritzer is a refreshing way of getting your daily serving of elderberry extract...and so easy to make! Ingredients 8 oz. Seltzer W...

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