Spooky Elderberry Brew

Spooky Elderberry Brew

Ah, Halloween. It truly is fun for the whole family, but October marks the first turn of cold weather in our neck of the woods, which means it’s also the start of cold and flu season. Our Spooky Elderberry Brew is a great way to let the kids enjoy a sweet treat while sneaking in a dose of all natural immune boosting elderberry. Our Norm’s Farms Elderberry Extract Children’s Formula supports their body’s natural immune response when they need it most, plus it tastes great.  

For this recipe, we put our punch bowl inside a witches cauldron with dry ice chips for an eerie, season-appropriate presentation. It’s so easy, the kids can make the tasty drink on their own! But we recommend supervision if you choose to also incorporate dry ice. Make sure you have gloves, eye protection, and put on your best witch’s costume before trying out this potion!

Here at Norm’s Farms we’ll be celebrating Halloween with our Spooky Elderberry Brew, and we hope your family enjoys it too!



  • Cauldron
  • Punch bowl that will fit into the cauldron
  • Dry ice
  • Gloves and eye protection to handle dry ice
  • Ladle


  1. Measure and mix all of the liquid ingredients into a punch bowl. Optional: Cackle like a witch :)
  2. Have an adult place the punch bowl into the cauldron and surround the punch bowl with dry ice. Remember: dry ice is dangerous and can burn you. Do not ingest dry ice, wear gloves while handling, and follow the proper precautions on the label.
  3. Ladle into glasses, clink, and enjoy! It’s the perfect festive drink for both children and adults. Cheers!
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