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Strawberry Elderflower Chia Compote
22 Jun
Condiments Strawberry Elderflower Chia Compote

Strawberry Elderflower Chia Compote is delicious on ice-cream, Elderflower Lemon Cake, toast, spooned into plain or vanilla yogurt, and as a fruity...

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Strawberry Elderflower Pectin-Free Jam
23 Apr
Condiments Strawberry Elderflower Pectin-Free Jam

Making the perfect Strawberry Elderflower Pectin-Free Jam has been a fun project for me this spring.  Strawberries are in season and the You-Pick f...

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Elderberry Chipotle Sauce
27 Mar
Condiments Elderberry Chipotle Sauce

Our Elderberry Chipotle Sauce is hot, spicy, fruity, and addictive!  It tastes great on salmon, chicken, pork and is a key ingredient in our Black ...

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Cranberry Orange Elderberry Sauce
08 Aug
Condiments Cranberry Orange Elderberry Sauce

This delicious Cranberry Orange Elderberry Sauce is not your average cranberry sauce- with the added flavors of citrusy orange and sweet elderberry...

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Cran-Elderberry Chipotle & Pepita Relish
08 Aug
Condiments Cran-Elderberry Chipotle & Pepita Relish

We think this Cran-Elderberry Chipotle & Pepita Relish goes great with Roasted Turkey Wings! It is also delicious served with strips of jicama,...

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Elderberry Coffee Barbecue Sauce
08 Aug
Condiments Elderberry Coffee Barbecue Sauce

Our Elderberry Coffee Barbecue Sauce is another incredible Food Fairy recipe, created with Elderberry Jam made by Norm's Farms. Full of complex fla...

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Apple-Elderberry Chutney
06 Aug
Condiments Apple-Elderberry Chutney

Elderberry Glazed Pork Tenderloin is another recipe created by the Food Fairy exclusively for Norm's Farms.  Terri McClernon, a.k.a., The Food Fair...

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