Our New Elderberry Health and Wellness Labels

Our New Elderberry Health and Wellness Labels
Who knew that creating a label for our Elderberry Health and Wellness line would be such a long and interesting project?  We certainly couldn't have done it without the help of our customers, friends, family, and business partners.  Those of you who have been on the journey with us know that your feedback and input (whether on our blog post, on Facebook, or in person!) helped us choose this label design from the ten different options that Designing Solutions created for us.  Once you helped us find the best label design, we tackled choosing the colors and fonts, as well as the words and the spacing of those words in order to create a beautiful and effective label to communicate elderberry's health and wellness benefits. Your help was so valuable!

Top Comments on Elderberry Health and Wellness Label Design

The top comments that we got from you that informed the new look of our label design included:

  1. LARGE FONTS: "Remember that many of us are 50 years old and older...make sure the font is big enough so that we can read it!"
  2. STRIKING COLORS: "The Elderberry Syrup should be in the blue label, you know, for when you are feeling blue...."
  3. SIMPLE DESIGN: "White is good...clean, simple, pure...just like your juice."
  4. CONCISE LANGUAGE: "Tell me why I should want Elderberry for my health in short, easy to read, sentences."
We think our new labels reflect the wisdom offered to us through those comments and through all the other great advice we got along the way, too.

New Names

So why the new names for our Health and Wellness line?  We chose to rename our Pure Elderberry Juice to Elderberry Extract because so many people found the word "juice" confusing.   "If it's a juice why can't I drink the whole bottle at once?" one customer asked.  Those are the kind of questions that let you know you have some naming issues to deal with!  Because elderberry is powerful stuff, one to two ounces a day is about all anyone should take. We needed a name that fit those characteristics.  We tossed a lot of names around, but in the end decided to call it was it is...an extract.  The word extract also does a nice job of informing folks about what to expect in and from a bottle containing a beautiful, deep purple liquid gently extracted from elderberries: powerful and antioxidant rich liquid to be taken sparingly.  Extract works!

Our Elderberry Syrup will now be called Elderberry Wellness Syrup so folks will know that this product is a remedy, not a sweet topping for ice cream or pancakes (although, truthfully, it tastes so good it could be used as a topping for ice cream or pancakes, if used judiciously).

The final proof of the label is now at the printers, and we should have our first batch of products with our brand new look in our warehouse in January some time.  What a great way to start the new year! Thanks to all of our customers, friends, and elderberry partners for helping us to launch our new look. Please keep the feedback coming!

February 11, 2014 Update:

Many thanks to Gator for his excellent suggestion:  get those labels up there so we can read them!  Here they are:

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