Elderberry Jam

Elderberry Jam
Elderberry Jam is a star in the world of fruit preserves.  The flavor is deep, dark and incredibly delicious.  Biting into a toasted and buttered slice of sourdough bread, spread thickly with elderberry jam, is a positively decadent experience that everyone should have.  Yet, there is much more to the elderberry than its taste that deserves your attention and admiration.  Elderberry contains high levels of anthocyanins, and according to new research conducted by the University of East Anglia's Norwich Medical School,  people who eat foods high in anthocyanins are less likely to develop diabetes and other health issues.  Dr.Oz recommends elderberry jam for its brain health boosting properties.

You are not likely to find elderberry jam in your local mainstream grocery store or health food store.  Why not?  Well, if you have ever harvested wild elderberries, you know how perishable they are!  You have less than 24 hours to turn those slightly sweet, ever-so-tiny, deep purple berries into jelly, jam, pie, wine, tincture or syrup; wait longer than that and they will begin to ferment and spoil, becoming ingredients for your compost pile.  The perish-ability of elderberry makes it a poor candidate for main-stream food product companies.

The other barrier to enjoying elderberry jam is that when you are lucky enough to find it at a farmer's market or specialty food store, it often contains not only the elderberries, but also the seeds.  The little elderberry is half seed, half fruit, and it takes a lot (hundreds and hundreds) of elderberries to make a jar of jam.  That's a lot of seeds to crunch through!  Now, some folks do like a seedy jam, but for those of us who prefer a jam that's rich in fruit with no seeds, finding an elderberry jam sans seeds is next to impossible!

Not anymore.  Norm's Farms is so crazy about elderberry that we've devoted ourselves to creating a line of products made from the North American elderberry.  And, we've come up with a way to remove all those tiny seeds so that the great flavor of elderberry can shine through in our Elderberry Jam and Elderberry Ginger Pecan Jam.  We are big believers in keeping our products simple and using only pure, natural ingredients, because we want to make jam the way our moms (and possibly your mom, too?) used to make jam...in small batches, right after harvest, with only the freshest ingredients.

So go ahead, indulge your sweet tooth a little bit and try our jam on an English muffin or a toasted piece of nine grain bread.  It's a natural pairing with creamy cheeses, like brie or spreadable goat cheese, too, and for a really great flavor, add a bit of fresh mint.` It'll knock your socks off!
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