Label Design For Norms Farms

Label Design For Norms Farms
07 Aug
Product Research & New Products
As you probably noticed, we've been transitioning from Elderberry Life to Norm's Farms.  These kind of brand transitions are always tough, and we've learned that we need good advice and talented people, especially when it comes to label design.  Once in awhile you meet people that absolutely stun you with their creativity.  That's exactly what happened when we met Jeanne and Patty at Designing Solutions in Durham, North Carolina, and we knew they could help us make the transition from Elderberry Life to Norm's Farms a big success.  We love the work they are doing on the labels for our Health and Wellness line (our pure elderberry juice and elderberry syrup)--and we would love to get your feedback!

Which label design do you like the best?

What is most important to you in a label design when you are shopping for health supplements?  Which one would you be most likely to purchase?  Which one looks like it's the highest quality?  Which one would you trust to give to your loved ones?  Your comments are really important to us!