What Does Nature to Nurture Mean?

What Does Nature to Nurture Mean?
03 Jun
Life at Norms

When we say from nature to nurture, we mean that our extracts, syrups, gummies, and jams start at the farm. We mean that we care for our American black elderberry plants throughout the entire life cycle. We mean that we manage the whole supply chain and create products that aren’t overly processed. Quite simply, we mean we’re building a supplement system that includes everything from nature to nurture

We’re Building a Vertically Integrated Company

Norm’s Farms is the largest vertically integrated elderberry company in the U.S. Meaning, we’re working to consolidate multiple steps in the typical distribution process. Instead of operating solely as a farm, a manufacturer, or a consumer brand, we perform all of these tasks in-house. As our operations in each area continue to grow, so are we able to bring you more quality supplements.  

We’re Nurturing Relationships that Make a Difference

We’re a U.S. based company growing as much elderberry as we can and making as many supplements as we can. Our mutually beneficial farmer partnerships and U.S. based manufacturing relationships allow for sustainable growth at Norm’s and for the larger local  economy. Our goal in this is to create a system that’s economically viable, socially supportive, and ecologically sound.

We Use a Gentle Extraction Process

Have you noticed that an 8oz bottle of either our Original Extract or Original Wellness Syrup has DOUBLE the number of servings the other guys’ 8oz bottles have? That’s because we work to ensure our products have the highest natural potency possible. For our extracts and syrups in particular, we use a gentle extraction process that helps preserve key antioxidants in the fruit, like polyphenols, anthocyanins, and Vitamin C. 

Pros of the Nature to Nurture Model

You deserve to know exactly what goes into your dietary supplements. Creating a vertically-integrated, direct-relationship system at Norm’s (1) ensures we have complete transparency over our ingredients and (2) guarantees your family is receiving legitimate, quality elderberries every day. 


At Norm’s, we harvest our own American elderberries, create well-loved recipes, and deliver immune-supporting products to families all over the U.S. From nature to nurture means we manage the whole supply chain, have direct relationships with farmer partners and companies that think and function just like we do, and make sure our elderberries are minimally processed.