Norm's is Planting (and Making) Elderberry Just for You

Norm's is Planting (and Making) Elderberry Just for You

Fall Planting Update on The Farm

This fall, we added 17 acres to our farm. That's an additional 15,000 elderberry plants in the ground, with more planned for the spring. Our farm growth is exciting because (1) it's where our roots are and (2) because it means we get to continue providing high-quality, potent elderberry supplements for you and your family long term.

If you didn't know, elderberry is an investment plant. It takes 5 years for young plants to fully mature, and we won't harvest much from them until year 3. That means the elderberry farmer needs patience, grit, and foresight. And for the team at Norm's, there's no other business we'd rather be in.  

Making Norm's Elderberry Extract

Norm’s believes strongly in our farm to table method of supply and production. We grow our own elderberries, and we have direct relationships with our elderberry farmer-partners. We make our own supplements, and we build long-lasting partnerships with companies that think and operate in the same way.

It’s a business model we’re proud of. We know our products intimately—from nature to nurture. And as an added measure, we conduct third party testing on all our products to ensure you’re receiving legitimate, high-potency elderberry every time you take a spoonful.

Our elderberry extract is one of our most popular products. It's made with our farm-fresh elderberries, water, and a small amount of natural preservative. That’s it. Now that harvest and planting is over this year, production is full steam ahead. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you even more surprises in 2021. 

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