A Window into Purdy’s Past

A Window into Purdy’s Past
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The view outside our office window looks a little different these days. As part of an ongoing revitalization effort in our hometown of Purdy, MO, a historic, brick entrance to the Purdy park was recently completed. The effort was spearheaded by Project Genesis, a social project that develops new businesses in the area and gives back to the local community through building restoration and green space development, among other projects.

Before Project Genesis took it over, Purdy’s downtown was a bunch of aging, empty buildings like so many small, old towns you see around. Now the area looks alive, and people have space to enjoy downtown. This recently built entrance is a homage to Purdy’s past and a window into its future. Built with some of the original 1900s brick, the entryway is a memorial to what stood there before.

We hear there are plans to landscape and plant quick-growing vines that will adorn the entrance next year, welcoming visitors into the reclaimed, nature park. The park is complete with a two-tiered fountain, a large gazebo, and walkways that wind around new trees and other foliage for all to enjoy. But we feel especially lucky to have the view and the ability to walk across the street to catch a breath of fresh air.

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