We’re giving you a boost: Four New Products from Norm’s Farms

We’re giving you a boost: Four New Products from Norm’s Farms

At Norm’s, we harvest our own elderberries, create well-loved recipes, and deliver immune-supporting products to families all over the United States. From nature to nurture means we manage the whole supply chain, have direct relationships with farmer partners and companies that think and function just like we do, and make sure our elderberries are minimally processed.


We are thrilled to announce a new line of products, honoring that mission. When we say from nature to nurture, we mean that our extracts, syrups, gummies, and jams start at the farm. No artificial flavors or colors. No alcohol, solvents, chemicals or synthetic additives. We use high-quality, Non-GMO,  Gluten-Free,  Allergen-Free, ingredients with minimal to no added sugars.


We work every day, from the farm to our product development lab, to find better ways to bring the best Elderberry to our customers. As we continue to grow, we innovate new ways to bring you elderberry products. We are thrilled to be rolling out four new products...  Our Immune plus line. 

Immune + Boost: At last! Our elderberry and the Mother, finally together in a gummy. 


Immune + Sleep: Sweet dreams! Our Immune + Sleep naturally supports immunity as your head hits the pillow.

Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C and Zinc: Our new all-natural elderberry gummy is for those who don’t want the probiotics.

Immune + Calm: Relax, we have combined our scientifically proven Elderberry with calming ingredients. 

We believe consumers should only get the best without any extraneous ingredients.


Whether you are looking to boost your metabolism or enhance your sleep, our new line of products provides support for whole-body health while boosting your immune system. Providing top-of-the-line elderberry products that benefit you is our priority and we are proud to add these items to our collection. 


Keep an eye on your inbox for preorders to open! We’ll send you a note when you can order.

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