Norm's Farms Elderberry Jelly

Norm's Farms Elderberry Jelly

With our company continuing to grow and spread its knowledge of elderberry, we continue to make changes and developments in our product line-up. Many of you were with us through 2019 when we introduced ElderCran, our cranberry-and-elderberry hybrid product that became a great addition to our liquid supplements. Then in February of this year we created the market’s first organic elderberry gummies with probiotics for children and adults.

With the market continuing to change and the demand for elderberry increasing with it, it is vital that we use our berry supply in a discerning manner. That being said we have decided to discontinue the year-round selling of our Elderberry Jelly which is a part of our specialty jam product line.

While supplies last we are selling Elderberry Jelly online and in stores near you. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for those of you who love our jelly! We anticipate offering our Norm’s Farms Elderberry Jelly seasonally. We will broadcast those dates in a future newsletter so be on the lookout! 

As always,

Be Well, Get Elderberry!



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