Pour Elderberry Extract Like a Pro

Pour Elderberry Extract Like a Pro
Through our in-person demos, conversations via social media, and newsletter chatter, we've had the chance to gather feedback directly from our beloved customers. We hear that you love our Elderberry Extract and Wellness Syrup, but the bottle's pour spout can be frustrating, sometimes causing precious extract to wind up on the countertop instead of the glass. While we're on the hunt for a suitable replacement that meets our rigorous ecological standards, we thought we'd share with you a little pouring trick we picked up.

Like most acts of grace, it's all in the wrist. The trick here is when you finish pouring, twist your wrist towards you and tilt the bottle straight up at the same time. The twist helps gently transition away from the pour while sliding the liquid back into the bottle instead of on your counter or tablecloth.

Watch our short tutorial, by Forrest Mason of The Saucy Spork, and pour like a pro!

Norms Farms Pouring Demo from Norm's Farms on Vimeo.

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