Norm's Farms Children's Formula

Norm's Farms Children's Formula

Norm's Farms Children's Formula is here!

Norm's Farms Children's Formula was created to meet the many requests of our dearly loved customers, especially Kelly.  Kelly works at a local Co-Op that stocks our products and she is one of our best ambassadors.  One day back in the spring of 2016 Kelly said that she would love it if we could come up with a Children's Formula.  She said our Elderberry Extract had kept her preschool aged youngster healthy throughout the cold and flu season, but measuring a half teaspoon wasn't the easiest thing to do.

Norm's Farms Childrens Formula
The other thing Kelly asked us to do was to create a children's formula that kids would enjoy.  Most adults find the taste of our Elderberry Extract agreeable and pleasant, kind of like a dry red wine.  Some kids like it too, but we've seen all kinds of reactions, including wrinkled up noses!  As a mom I know it is much easier to give your kids supplements when they taste great.

Kelly said that one of the things she loved about our Elderberry Extract was that is was so pure and simple.  No added sugar, preservatives, just great tasting pure elderberry.  She hoped that we would make sure a formula for kids would have these same features.

Norm's Farms Children's Formula- Clean and Simple

We began working on developing Norm's Farms Children's Formula about 8 months ago.  We created many different recipes and taste tested them with friends, young and old alike.  Our recipe containing Elderberry Extract and  blueberry juice was the clear winner as it met all the criteria: great taste, a serving size of one teaspoon, and clean and simple ingredients.  Most importantly kids loved it!  We think that is because the blueberry juice softens the tartness of our Elderberry Extract and adds an additional fruit based sweetness.

Now mom's can give their kids a full teaspoon of Norm's Farms to their kids each morning.  Or follow Kelly's lead and mix one teaspoon of Norm's Farms Children's Formula with a teaspoon of strawberry flavored cod liver oil for a vitamin packed immunity boosting great start to every day!
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