Norm's Farms and Huetrition Throws Parties for Kids (and Moms and Dads too!)

Norm's Farms and Huetrition Throws Parties for Kids (and Moms and Dads too!)
14 Feb
Life at Norms
Norm’s Farms partnered with Tryazon and Huetrition to throw over 30 healthy kids parties in January of this year. We chose to partner with Huetrition because Huetrition and their Hue Pets app for kids (controlled by moms and dads) teaches kids about the nutritional value of the fruits and veggies through fun and interactive games. Parents can set up non-monetary reward systems for kids that need a little encouragement to eat healthy, nutritionally dense foods, and according to parent testimonials for Hue Pets, kids find the application fun and engaging. Parents report that their kids are far less resistant to trying new, good-for-you, foods and every parent can appreciate that as a game changer at dinner time! Huetrition is so named because of the connection that exists between brightly colored fruits and veggies and the nutritional value those same foods contain. Elderberry is deep purple in color and that concentrated hue is nature’s signal that the berry contains a lot of polyphenols and other antioxidants that are great for your body. The same goes for other fruits and vegetables; the deeper the hue or color, the generally better that food is for you. Over time, with Hue Pets and parental help, kids can learn to assemble their own healthy meals just by paying attention to the color of the foods that they put on their plate. That’s a skill we could all use!

Norm's Farms Kids Party
Tryazon coordinated over 30 parties for Norm’s Farms and Huetrition.  Kids and their parents got to try the Hue Pets application and sample Norm’s Farms elderberry supplements at these parties, which took place across the country from South Dakota to Kentucky, California to Florida, and New Mexico to West Virginia. As one parent described it: “We had a great time engaging the children with snacks and using the app to take pictures. Feeding the virtual pet on the app was especially enjoyable for the kids. It was fun and interactive, making the case for the importance feeding the pet healthy snacks to help the pet grow. The kids asked questions about what foods are healthy, which are not. They loved tasting the Norms Farms extract. Although a bit sour, it was a hit in the smoothies we made. The kids loved the coloring books and the "pet" included in the party pack.“ Another party host described their experience this way: “The kids had a blast playing on the HuePets app and learned a lot about healthy nutrition! They loved sampling the kids elder berry extract and all said it was “SO YUMMY!” We had healthy organic kid’s snacks and drinks, party games, the coloring books that Norm’s Farms provided and goodie bags for all the participants!

Norm's Farms Kids Party
The reviews we received on our elderberry supplements from the party throwers and attendees were remarkably positive! Here are just a few of the comments we received:

“This elderberry extract does exactly what it promises. Being a stay at home mother who homeschools, and runs a daycare, it is extremely important to me that we all stay healthy. As kids all around the area contract the flu, the sniffles, and all the other great bugs that come with the wintertime, I can rest assured knowing that Norms Farms has me covered. I absolutely love this product. Bailey- Illinois”

“We've tried several different products involving elderberries and discovered the high sugar content. Norm's Farms (Childrens' Formula) contains a fraction of the sugars of what others have. We want to boost the immune system, not the sugar levels! =)”

“My husband and I drink Norms Farms elderberry every single day as a supplement. My daughter who is 3 is seriously in love with their elderberry extract for kids. She asks for it each day by asking for her "vita juice." We love the taste and take it to keep us well during this season where everyone it seems lately has been sick!”

Norm's Farms Elderberry Extract is the highest quality and most effective elderberry out there!!! Natural ingredients without the added sugar that most elderberry products contain and is OH SO DELICIOUS!!! I 1000% believe Norm's Farms Elderberry Extract has helped shield my family and I from winter colds. I highly recommend giving them a try!!!”

We hope that these parties were helpful to all the busy parents and their families and we look forward to our next party partnership!