Our Top 7 Favorite Elderberry Recipes for Valentine's Day

Our Top 7 Favorite Elderberry Recipes for Valentine's Day
Valentine's day is a day for celebrating, sharing affection with others in your life, and in some cases, giving gifts to demonstrate your love. Some folks struggle to enjoy Valentine's Day because of personal history; it reminds them of love lost or unrequited and seems to amplify any loneliness they may be feeling at the time. The good news is that many people are claiming Valentine's Day as an opportunity to show love to any person you care for, not just your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. Parents send teachers a Valentine's Day card, children gift each other candy hearts at school, and office workers surprise each other with coffee cups full of chocolate treats. Now, maybe you're looking for a special way to show the love you feel for the people in your life. If you have time, consider preparing a home-made healthy treat or meal for the ones you love. We've carefully chosen seven recipes that are time tested winners for you. This year, let's go beyond the heart shaped candy and cream filled chocolates and give the gift of a healthy, homemade treat loaded with immune system boosting antioxidants. Your special Valentine will absolutely feel the love, we promise!

Dark Chocolate Elderberry CakeChocolate Mascarpone Elderberry PieElderberry Avocado Chocolate Mousse
1. Dark Chocolate Elderberry Cake https://normsfarms.com/blogs/cakes/dark-chocolate-elderberry-cake

2. Chocolate Mascarpone Elderberry Pie https://normsfarms.com/blogs/pies-other-treats/chocolate-mascarpone-elderberry-pie

3. Sweet Potato Pancakes with Elderberry Ginger Pecan Syrup https://normsfarms.com/blogs/breakfast/sweet-potato-pancakes-with-elderberry-ginger-pecan-syrup

4. Elderberry Ginger Pecan Shortbread Bars https://normsfarms.com/blogs/cookies-bars/elderberry-ginger-pecan-shortbread-bars

5. Crispy Melted Cheese Cups with Elderberry Ginger pecan Jam https://normsfarms.com/blogs/appetizers/crispy-melted-cheese-cups-with-elderberry-ginger-pecan-jam

6. Irresistible Beef Tenderloin with Elderberries and Berries https://normsfarms.com/blogs/main-dishes/irresistible-beef-tenderloin-with-elderberries-berries

7. Elderberry Avocado Chocolate Mousse https://normsfarms.com/blogs/pies-other-treats/elderberry-avocado-chocolate-mousse

Whether you are planning a three-course meal for your loved one or just wanting to bring something special to the office on Valentine's Day, we have you covered. These recipes are perfect for a night in alone, a romantic dinner for two, a friend gathering, or even a breakfast in bed!
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