American Elderberry Cuttings (Available October through January ONLY).

Norm's Farms is proud to offer three varieties of Elderberry cuttings. These three varieties produce the sweetest, biggest berries of all the varieties we have tried.  Elderberry Cuttings are a seasonal product and are only available for order in the late fall.  We harvest the cuttings after winter has set in and the plants are fully dormant.  We ship the cuttings to you after the first of the year.  Please note that you can order in either singles or 10 lots.  The price per 10 lot works out to 4.00 each.  Elderberry cuttings require cold weather to develop roots.  Please read our blog post entitled "How to root elderberry cuttings" before ordering.   

Please note:  Because successful rooting depends upon your skills, mother nature and a variety of other factors we can't control, we will include a couple extra cuttings with each order to help you be successful with your rooting efforts. We offer NO guarantees with our cuttings.

  • The York variety of elderberry creates a bigger and juicer berry. It is an early season bearer and tends to produce before the birds become a problem. York gets about 6-8 feet tall and tends to be less bushy than the other varieties. It grows well in the central, eastern, and southern regions of the US. This is the best variety if you are looking for a good juice berry.York Elderberries
  • Bob Gordon is the middle man between York and Wyldewood. It is a robust plant and tends to have fruit ripen in the middle of the two as well. It grows well in the Midwest and east coast and likes water the best out of the three. It produces more juice than the Wyldewood but less than the York. The anthocyanin levels of the Bob Gordon are between York and Wyldewood so this is why it is a good bet for the average grower. It is very hardy and handles drought well. It gets roughly 6-8 feet tall and is very bushy as well.Bob Gordon
  • The Wyldewood variety of elderberry is one of the hardiest varieties of elderberry. It bears fruit later in the season and handles drought very well. The Wyldewood has one of the higher levels of anthocyanins but produces much smaller berries then the York but has bigger clusters. It gets roughly 6 foot tall but is very bushy and can spread out very rapidly.Wyldewood Elderberry

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