New Look Coming Soon

New Look Coming Soon

We have a new look coming soon to go with the new year!

Its been an amazing 2 years at Norm's Farms.  2014 was a year of record growth, a lot of growing up, and some pretty big business challenges.  One of the challenges we've struggled with as a team is developing a cohesive look for our brand.  We've been through a couple designers (we left one and one left us...) since we began this business, and we feel very lucky to have landed in the good hands of Julie Nelson Design.

Since beginning with Julie in August of 2014, we've found her easy to work with; Julie just gets us and all of our idiosyncrasies.  Erin, Rodger and I have pretty strong personalities and Julie compliments us with her easy-going confident nature.  She is a very talented and astute professional; perfect for our little (and sometimes pretty stressed out) start-up! Julie began with our logo and we are really happy with the way it looks on packaging, t-shirts, our just works everywhere we put it.   That's the sign of a well made logo!

Julie has also completed the packaging design for some new products due out in 2015, and those labels have to remain a surprise for now.  That look, though, was a great springboard for circling back and updating our existing product line.  Julie began her work with the Jam and Jelly line.
We have a new look coming soon to go with the new year

The design and print work for these products is just about done and our new look should be out in stores and on our website soon.  We found a new jar to work with our new look, too.   We like it because it is taller, sleeker, and easier to work with on our end.  So, here's a sneak peak of our new look...the new jar is the furthest to the right.

We will be circling back to update the Extract and Wellness Syrup next.  When that work is done we'll finally have one look for our company!  We can't wait!  Thanks Julie!
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