Norm's Farms Gets a Shout-Out on the Food Channel

Norm's Farms Gets a Shout-Out on the Food Channel
12 Apr
Norm's Makes News
Elderflowers and a whole lemon
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced on March 20 that they have chosen Clare Ptak of London’s Violet Cakes to bake their wedding cake and have chosen Elderflower Lemon for the flavor of the royal dessert. While Elderflower is a well-known flavor in England and Europe, it’s far less well known here in the United States and has many Americans asking, “What is Elderflower?” and “What is the difference between Elderflower and Elderberry”?
The folks at the Food Channel reached out to me last week for a bit of information about my favorite flower and its many uses for their upcoming article. I was thrilled that they chose to feature Norm’s Farms recipe for an Elderflower Lemon Cake in their piece entitled What is the Difference Between Elderflower and Elderberry?  If you want to give the cake a try for your next celebration, you will definitely need some of our Elderflower Syrup, whether you make our recipe or another one, like this one from Good to Know. Thanks for the shout-out, Food Channel!