Gifts for Valentine's Day that Give Back

Gifts for Valentine's Day that Give Back

10 Cute Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day that Support Love One International 

Finding the perfect gift for your special someone on Valentine's Day can be stressful, but when you find just the right thing, it’s a welcome surprise that shows your S.O. how much you care. We’ve put together a list of our favorite gifts for Valentine’s Day to help alleviate your search. Bonus! All these gifts give back to our favorite nonprofit.

For the Coffee Enthusiast: A Love One Coffee Mug

This Love One Coffee Mug is only $10 and super adorable. You can fill it with their favorite chocolates, or place it inside a gift basket. Better yet, wake them up with a hot steaming cup of coffee or tea and breakfast in bed. 

For the Wanderlust Traveler: A Nashville Get-Away 

What’s more romantic than a surprise weekend getaway to Nashville? Love One has partnered with this Nashville Airbnb getaway. Experience pure serenity in this modern gem that offers style and location in one amazing place. A percentage of your stay will support Love One. 


For the SWAG Fanatic: Graphic Tees & Apparel

These are great gift ideas for everyone on your Valentine's Day list! Who wouldn’t love these shirts, hoodies, and tanks. They’re cute, comfortable, and of course… they rep Love One. 


For the Romantic: Judith Bright Necklace 

Love One partnered with Judith Bright to create this dainty, classic charm necklace. And (you guessed it) $10 from every purchase supports Love One. Your girl will gush over it.

For the Casual Fella: Love One Black Trucker Hat 

When it comes to shopping for guys, hats top the list for great valentine’s gift ideas. This black and grey Love One Trucker Hat is practical, matches everything, and supports a cause he can be proud to rep. His buddies are sure to ask for one when they see it, and you may be stealing it from him.

For the Fashionista: ABLE’s The Lauren Crossbody

Able bags partnered with Lauren Akins to design this stylish crossbody bag, and we absolutely love it! 15% of proceeds from this bag benefits Love One, and is the perfect pick for the woman on the go.



For the Ultra-Practical: Balm Standard Organic Lip Balm 

Gift the whole set, or include these individual Organic Lip Balms in your Valentine’s cards. Ultra-moisturizing and made with the purest ingredients, they’re just what your valentine needs after a long winter season. 


For the Go Getter: A Love One Yeti

If you love a gym rat, wino, or tea fanatic, the Love One Yeti is PERFECT. Everyone in our office has one. These Yeti’s are on all the desks, in all the cars, and in all the hands at all times. Love One offers a bunch of colors, so go check ‘em out! Love a child, save a life. 


For the Health Nut: Norm’s Farms Elderberry Gummies

It may not be a conventional Valentine’s gift, but our Norm’s Farms Elderberry Gummies are made with organic elderberries, Vitamin C, Zinc, and probiotics. Throw them into a wellness gift basket for the BFF in your life. Norm’s Farms donates a #PennyPerGummy to Love One, that’s sixty cents per bottle. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

We Love Supporting Love One 

In case you haven’t heard, Norm’s Farms partnered with Love One International on our elderberry gummies in 2020. As a company focused on health for families, it's a mission we're proud to support. There is no better way to spread a little extra love this Valentine’s Day, than to give your honey a gift that supports these nonprofit programs.

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