For Your Wellness

Norm’s Farms is a nature to nurture company. Our farms specialize in the American elderberry, and our berries are backed by rigorous testing for authenticity and purity. When you see a Norm’s Farms label on the shelf, you can rest assured you’re getting clean nutrients that provide the best support for a healthy immune system.

More About Elderberry
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For The Love Of Norm

Our goods start at the farm. We sustainably harvest American elderberries, create well-loved flavors, and deliver immune-boosting products to families all over the U.S. From nature to nurture, Norm’s Farms is on a mission to provide elderberry every day for everyone.

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For A Variety Of Healthy Products

We provide elderberry supplements for busy moms, the pickiest little eaters, taste bud purists—the whole family really. We’re constantly innovating to bring you elderberry when, where, and how you want it—so you can live a healthy lifestyle on your own terms.

Which Product is Right for Me?
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For Meaningful Partnerships

Norm’s Farms has always been passionate about helping those in need, and we believe elderberry can give back in a magnitude of ways. That’s why we donate a penny per gummy to Love One International, a nonprofit that ensures critically ill children in Uganda have access to the emergency healthcare and rehabilitative services they need to thrive.

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