Norm's Farms offers well-rooted elderberry plants for sale in two varieties. York will grow 6-10 feet tall and tends to produce big, juicy, sweet berries.  Bob Gordon will grow 5-8 feet tall and is known for  producing large clusters of berries.  Both varieties have proven to be fairly drought and pest resistant on our family farms and will make a nice specimen plant at the back of your home garden or planted in a hedgerow. 

For best results, plant in an area that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day and allow 4 to 8 feet between specimens.  For more information about planting and caring for elderberries, check out our blog post entitled Growing Elderberries.

Because Elderberries are living plants and their success depends upon your own skills, Norm's Farms regrets that we are not able to provide any guarantees beyond insuring that any plants you purchase from us will arrive alive!  

*We start cuttings in January and February for planting April or later. These plants will be viable beginning some time in April - while supplies last!

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