Elderberry or Cranberry? Get the best of both! ElderCran - Coming Soon

Elderberry or Cranberry? Get the best of both! ElderCran - Coming Soon
09 Sep
Product Research & New Products


We’ve been hard at work developing a new supplement named ElderCran this year. A couple months ago we reached out to our community of elderberry fans through our monthly newsletter to recruit Taste Testers for two different versions of ElderCran, and the results were clear! We provided our volunteer Taste Testers ElderCran A, which is a blend of our Elderberry Extract and organic cranberry without any added sweeteners, and ElderCran B, which is the same blend sweetened slightly with pear juice. 73% of our Taste Testers preferred ElderCran B because it had a better taste. As our Taste Testers explained, elderberry and cranberry combined by themselves deliver a powerful pucker and tartness that is just too much for most people. The pear juice smoothed out the flavor of ElderCran without making it obviously sweet, and the result was a great tasting supplement!

We also learned that over 60% of our Taste Testers rely on cranberry juice to help them fight urinary tract infections, nearly 50% rely on cranberry juice to help boost their immune system, and over 50% recognize cranberry as a “good-for-my-health” fruit. Interestingly, only 20% of our Taste Testers think that cranberry juice by itself tastes good. Almost 80% of our Taste Testers reported that the availability of a supplement that combined the immune system boosting and health promoting properties of elderberry and cranberry to be somewhat to very appealing. 78% of our Taste Testers reported that they would likely make ElderCran a daily supplement for them too. We expect to launch ElderCran in October of this year and to celebrate, we plan to provide our newsletter subscribers an exclusive discount that can be used on our website for a great deal on ElderCran. Many, many thanks to our wonderful Taste Testers for their time and help….we couldn’t have done it without you!