• Norm's Farms New Website Live on June 1, 2017

June 02, 2017 0 Comments

Since our founding in 2013 we have built three websites.  That is three websites in 4 years!  One reason for the steady revision of our on-line presence is the need to keep up with technology.  A reason for this latest revision is that we really needed a website that looked just as good on a smart phone as it did on a computer screen and was as easy to navigate too.  Additionally, our last website was very slow to load.  We wanted a faster website so that you could spend lest time gazing upon a rotating hourglass or spinning wheel.  We could all use a little less of that. The biggest reason for the switch to the new website was to provide you with the state of the art security that the new platform provides.

Without a big purse to fund the labor of experts, small businesses like Norm's Farms do most of the work themselves, contracting for help when we can afford it.  We burn the midnight oil researching HTML codes so that the web page we see in our minds can materialize on the screen before us.   We study photography and take hundreds of pictures to get one good one.  Then we learn how to use photo editing software so we can crop those great photos in order to fit them perfectly into our website.  We write our own articles, and not always well.  We read endless FAQ files and take on-line courses so we can learn how to navigate around a new platform. And, everyday that we do these things we get better and better, we learn more and more, and we make more mistakes.

Sometimes those mistakes ripple out into the universe and touch hundreds of people. Such was the case on May 30 of this year when we began the process of importing the order histories for our customers from our old website.  The plug in we purchased to migrate the order histories had one fatal flaw that was not understood by us; the plug in sent the order history over to our new website and simultaneously sent copies of these old orders to every customer that had ordered from us.  Fortunately it didn't take us long to understand the nightmare unfolding before our eyes and we were able to stop the import at order # 600.  You can imagine the mayhem that ensued!  We received hundreds of emails from our worried, upset and confused customers. Understandably, everyone was worried that we had been hacked, that their credit cards were being charged for things they didn't purchase, or that they had lost their minds...."I really don't remember ordering that!". Our voice mail boxes were filled with anxious phone calls.  We spent the next several days responding to everyone and we learned a couple things too.

The first thing we learned (again) is that we have awesome customers.  I mean really awesome.  I can say with certainty that Norm's Farms customers are the kindest and most patient people on the planet.  We are truly blessed.  I can't tell you how many people wished us well, expressed sympathy for us as we dug ourselves out of the mess we had created, and sent us entertaining emails that made us laugh. The other thing we learned (also again), is that in life is not so much the mistakes you make but what you do to fix it.  We want to thank everyone, again, for giving us a chance to fix our mistakes and to rededicate ourselves to the best customer service we can deliver.  It is our sincere hope that the speed, layout, design and security of our new website is an improvement worth the pain!


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