• Meet Brittany Lueckenhoff!

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Norm's Farms new partner Brittany
Meet Brittany Lueckenhoff, our Chief Chaos Coordinator and number one ray of sunshine! Like so many of us, Brittany discovered the wonders of elderberry relatively recently. As Brittany remembers it, she had every intention of becoming a teacher when she graduated from Pittsburg State University with her BS in Education in late 2015. She was looking forward to finding a teaching position with youngsters in classrooms Kindergarten through 6th grade. Brittany was busy with her final year of college, and beginning to look into teacher positions in Missouri when her long-time friend, Devon Bennett, introduced her to his passion for growing elderberry at a holiday dinner with family and friends. Brittany is the oldest of three children and grew up in farming communities throughout the Midwest. Her family has farming roots that go back generations; her grandparents on her dad’s side are dairy farmers and her grandparents on her mom’s side raised cattle in addition to holding down conventional jobs. This family connection to agriculture had a strong appeal for Brittany. Family, wide-open farm land, and deep roots in a community have always been important touch stones in Brittany’s life. Devon’s enthusiasm for farming elderberry was so apparent that she took a trip out to Devon’s orchard.

Meet Brittany Luekenhoff
Brittany saw the possibilities and potential and it wasn’t long before Brittany arranged to rent 8 acres from her folks to plant her own orchard of elderberry. Soon afterwards Brittany joined forces with Devon to create Innovative Natural Solutions, a small company that specializes in growing and selling the American elderberry. Together, they quickly expanded the number of acres planted in elderberry and cultivated a network of other growers, too. Norm’s Farms was introduced to Innovative Natural Solutions at the Natural Expo East conference in Baltimore and began buying their elderberries that following spring. Within a year or so Innovative Natural Solutions and Norm’s Farms realized that we needed to join forces. Innovative Natural Solutions had the ability to supply Norm’s Farms’ growing business with American elderberries (our own farm could not keep up) and Norm’s Farms had the growing elderberry product line business with a steadily increasing demand for elderberry. We all shared a passion for preserving farm land, for growing crops, for dogs, kids and family, for elderberry and most importantly, we really enjoyed each other’s company.

Meet Brittany Lueckenhoff
Brittany and Devon joined Norm’s Farms in August of 2017. Brittany describes her experience at Norm’s Farms as like being in college all over again; there is so much learning to do! Brittany credits her hard-working parents for her work ethic and the passion she brings to both farming and Norm’s Farms. She has an incredible skill set and spends a good deal of her time on incoming sales, Midwest and West Coast sales development, systems development, and helping others with projects too. Norm’s Farms can be a demanding master; there is always more work than there is time in which to do it. Brittany is incredibly easy going about it all; she credits her love of learning new ideas and skills for the stamina and humor she brings to Norm’s Farms and we are all so grateful for her! She’s been “all-in” with elderberry now for almost three years and has no regrets. When Brittany isn’t working at Norm’s Farms or in the elderberry orchards, she unwinds with her husband,

Bradley and their two dogs, Oakley and Ki. Bradley and Brittany were married last July and each brought a dog to the relationship. Oakley, a very sweet female golden retriever, enjoys spending time at the office greeting every new face that walks in the door with a big smile on her face. Ki, a frisky young black lab, is Bradley’s number one hunting buddy. If hunting is not on the agenda, Ki entertains himself with playing ball, in that relentless-yet- joyful way that only a lab can pull off. Together, Ki and Oakley are a constant source of delight and amusement, and as Brittany describes it, life with Bradley, Ki and Oakley-and Norm’s Farms too-couldn’t be any better.


Meet Brittany Lueckenhoof
Meet Brittany Lueckenhoff



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