• Application Complete to Whole Foods!

March 14, 2014 0 Comments

Back in December of last year we got the word that our local Whole Foods store wanted to carry our products.  They loved the flavor and ingredients and loved the fact that we were doing some cool stuff with the North American Elderberry.  And, they loved the fact that we were local to them.  So we were sent the application materials in early January and started working on them right away.  Turns out that getting into Whole Foods is not a simple process, and I have to laugh at myself for thinking that it might be!  Whole Foods does a great job of vetting their vendors and their requirements make complete sense on so many levels. That doesn't mean that it isn't a challenge meeting some of them!

The last and perhaps easiest hurdle to cross was to complete our vendor profile and get some good pictures of Rodger and our products.  We got that done today, and were lucky enough to have some fresh elderberries on hand for the photo.  So, we are keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be on the shelves at the Chapel Hill (and Durham and Raleigh!) stores soon, and giving away as many samples as we can.

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elderberry supplement trio with ripe elderberries in the fore ground