Gin-Gin Allie

Gin-Gin Allie
27 May

What's a Gin-Gin Allie, you ask?

The Gin-Gin Allie is our new favorite cocktail.  It is named after our awesome friend, Alison, who created this great drink while she was at our home for a weekend visit.   The genesis story is simple.  Cocktail hour arrived and Alison agreed to be our bartender while I finished up the chores and fed the dogs.  We are blessed to live near several craft distilleries and the TOPO distillery has become locally famous for their organic gin.  I have become a huge fan of the TOPO gin and as luck would have it, I happened to have some in my pantry along with a bunch of limes, some sparkling water, and of course, some of our Elderflower Ginger Syrup open and in the fridge.  In no time at all Alison presented me with this luscious concoction and I was in love with first sip.  Alison created an exceptional cocktail!  The problem with the Gin-Gin Allie is that it is hard to have just one, so be careful, as it is potent and tasty!

Mixing it Up
  1. Fill an 8 oz tumbler with ice.  Squeeze juice from a half a lime over ice, top with gin, Elderflower Ginger Syrup and sparkling water.  Give the cocktail a quick stir and garnish with lime.  Alison likes to run a cut lime over the edge of the glass, too....if I were you I'd follow her, as she clearly knows what she is doing!