• Norm's Mixology Party

December 02, 2016

One of my joys at Norm’s Farms is developing recipes that feature elderberry.  The other day I asked my husband and partner for some suggestions for a recipe for the upcoming holiday parties and he suggested developing a cocktail featuring either our Elderberry Extract or our Elderberry Wellness Syrup.  Intrigued, I suggested playing with a version of mulled cider.  He took that idea and doubled down on it by suggesting that we see if we could get some friends together that evening to help us.  As I was muttering mild objections about how last minute that all was and how folks would probably have other plans, he sent out a quick email to our awesome group of friends and invited them to our home for our first ever Elderberry Mixology event.   They showed up fired up and ready to get creative.  Yes, I am blessed with the best friends, and best partner, ever!

We provided an assortment of rums, whiskeys, tequila, vodkas, liquors and mixers, juices and whole oranges, lemons, and limes, and our friends provided the fun creative energy we needed to come up with a couple of winners.  Naming these inventions was so much fun, too.   Now when you are imbibing over the holidays you can do so knowing that you've added a shot of immunity boosting, health promoting elderberry to your fun!

Mull It Over
This is our version of a mulled beverage; the spices in the tea and Elderberry Wellness Syrup combine beautifully with the spicy dark rum.  This is a lovely hot drink to sip around the campfire!

  1. Prepare a mug of hot tea by pouring 6-8 oz of boiling water into a mug and adding a bag of Chai Tea.  Allow to steep for a couple minutes.
  2. In a fresh mug, combine 4 ounces of hot Chai Tea, 1 ounce of spiced dark rum and 1 ounce of Elderberry Wellness Syrup.  Stir, sip and enjoy!

Stormy Elder
Years ago we were blessed to visit the island of Bermuda where we were introduced to a drink named Dark and Stormy.  We loved it, and decided to play with that recipe a bit to come up with our unique version.  We were pretty thrilled with the results.  Careful...the extra kick provided by the Drambuie is pretty powerful!

  1. Fill a 10 ounce glass with ice.  Combine all ingredients except the orange slice in a shaker and shake well.  Pour over ice and garnish with a slice of orange.  Serve immediately.

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