Team Elderberry Finishes Strong

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Team Elderberry Sponsored by Norm’s Farms

Team Elderberry Competes in the FS Series Cary DU Classic Short Course Duathlon! Norm’s Farms is the proud sponsor of Team Elderberry, a three man team in their twenties who are life-long athletes and have a passion for creating, living and celebrating a healthy lifestyle. They love to compete! Team members are Ian Mulrenin, Taylor Fearrington, and Kelsey Lenhardt. Our first sponsored event was held this morning in Cary, North Carolina. Ian Mulrenin was not able to compete today due to illness and our two remaining guys posted a great race.

Cary Short Course Duathlon Collage - Team Elderberry

The race began about 9:10 am and the weather was perfect;, sunny, somewhere between 45 and 50 degrees, with a slight wind. The race was divided into 3 parts: a 2.5 mile run, followed by a 17.5 mile ride, and ending with another 2.5 mile run. FS Series did a great job of posting the course and enlisting the help of local law enforcement to ensure that everyone had a safe ride. The 17.5 mile bike course took the riders through the scenic back roads of Wake and Chatham county, a nice mix of hills and flat runs, with a good portion of the ride occuring around Lake Jordan.

A total of 168 people competed in the FS Series Cary DU Classic Short Course Duathlon and the results are in! Team Elderberry Stats are:
Taylor Fearrington: Total time of 1:31:30, 4th in age group and 26th overall. Wow! Great Job!
Kelsey Lenhardt: Total time of 1:26:21, 2nd in age group and 14th overall. Wow! Way to Go!
Norm’s Farms is so PROUD!

Team Elderberry Future Plans

We sponsored Team Elderberry this year because Kelsey, Ian, and Taylor are crazy about health and fitness–and so are we. Team Elderberry expects to participate in four events a year. Stay tuned, and let us know if there’s an event local to North Carolina or the Southeast that you recommend for us.

Team Elderberry Sponsorship Courtesy of Norm’s Farms

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