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We just went through a big label and recipe change at Norm’s Farms and it was time for a survey.  We wanted to know: “Did we accomplish our goal and create a better label and a better product?”   We gave the “ask the random person on the street” approach some thought and said “nah…let’s ask folks that have purchased goods from us through  our website store!”  Our offer was simple: Share your valuable time with us and we’ll send you a free bottle of our Elderberry Extract.  We were thrilled with the response and so grateful to everyone who helped us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

So without further adieu, here’s what we asked, and here’s what you said:

1. Norm’s Farms recently changed the name of our Elderberry Juice to Elderberry Extract. Were you aware of the change?

What we learned: 60% of you said yes!  Many of you shared your thoughts too, and here’s a few of them:


“I think it better represents it’s amazing properties. Juice is more like what you drink with breakfast, if you drink juice. Extract gives a more medicinal feel, which is what we use it for.”

“It sounds more like a supplement than the previous name. With “juice” in the name it sounds more like you can pour a whole glass and drink it, instead of drinking just an ounce. Extract fits the purpose of the bottle better.”

“A recent recommendation was for Elderberry Juice, extract may be confusing for those looking for elderberry juice.”

“Extract makes me think more of a tincture or a more concentrated product. It sort of fits since I use the elderberry by the tablespoon to prevent colds and flues. But I’m kind of neutral about it.”

“The name isn’t as important as the end result.”

2. Norm’s Farms also improved our old Elderberry Juice recipe. Our old Elderberry Juice recipe contained Erythorbic Acid for color retention, and we removed that ingredient from our new Elderberry Extract recipe. We also worked our process so that our new Extract contains more elderberry, ounce for ounce. Were you aware of that change?

What we learned: 23% of you were aware of the change, 76% of you were not! (Norm’s Farms has some work to do here.)  Here’s what some of you said about the recipe change:

“The less chemicals the better.”

“I prefer my ingredients to be as natural as possible, so if you’ve taken out something that only purpose was to maintain the purple color, I’m delighted.”

“to me it says it’s one ingredient closer to a pure product.”

“Less additives and more of the pure fruit is fantastic – a wonderful change! Most producers go the other way and put more preservatives and additives in their products . Yea for Norm’s Farms for being more health conscious!”

“Because the color seemed artificial. I love the product and have been feeling more energetic since I started drinking about two ounces daily about a month ago. I like foods to be as natural as possible.”

“Reading the background story, I would hesitate to call it ‘the same great product ‘. After becoming allergic to half the world at 50, rejoice in any honest label simplified.”

3. How do you feel about the new label design of Norm’s Farms Elderberry extract?

What we learned: 55% of you said “I like it a lot!”, and 45% of you said “It’s ok”.  Your comments included:

“Your new label is clean and bright and very easy to read and clear about the contents of the bottle. I like your new label very much!”

“I went back to an earlier e-mail and looked at both labels. The old one was rather “last century.” The new one is crisper, more serious, appropriate for an extract.

“Your new label is clean and bright and very easy to read and clear about the contents of the bottle. I like your new label very much!”

“the look of the label isn’t that important to me”

“While appearing more medicinal and more balanced visually, in keeping with supplement packaging trends, it somehow lacks punch… but we learn to love however a good thing is wrapped, recognizing the attempt to better communicate content.”

“consumer information is easy to read.”

The last thing we asked for was an address to which we could ship the free bottle of Norm’s Farms Elderberry Extract, and there were comments waiting for us there, too!  Here are few of them:

“Thanks so much!”

“I am so grateful for your elderberry extract. My daughter drinks it daily as we are hoping to improve her immune system in relation to improvements in food allergies. Two days ago, I started feeling yucky, both ears hurt like an earache. I took some extract, went to bed woke up the next morning feeling fine and not bad at all. This is like liquid gold ! Thank you!!”

“Thank You – love your product!”

“Though we’ve bought plants from you, we haven’t purchased the extract before. Based on our review of the product once we receive it, it could change the answer to #9. I do use another elderberry extract for medicinal purposes, and believe in it’s benefits. It would be nice if it were in a store close to me so I could pick it up without paying for shipping . Thank you!”


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