Norm’s Farms Partners with Whitebox

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Norm’s Farms Partners with Whitebox

Norm's Farms Partners with Whitebox

Sometime in late September of last year Amazon’s rules regarding the sale of products in glass changed and we were told that our products would no longer be sold on Amazon.  The issue was of breakage and packaging, and we got to work looking for options that would allow us to sell again on Amazon.  We looked at switching to plastic (yuck!), creating individual boxes for each of our products (expensive!), and the best solution came to us in the form of a great company named Whitebox.  Whitebox took care of the individual packaging issue for us and, even better, offered to get us up on other sites as well and take over our website order fulfillment too.

Norm’s Farms Products are back up on Amazon and Ebay….thanks Whitebox!

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to the great help from our friends at Whitebox, our Norm's Farms Partners with Whiteboxproducts are back up on Amazon for sale and eligible for free shipping through your Prime Membership. All of our products can be purchased in singles and by the case, and some of them are available in combo packs and three packs too.  The more you buy, the more you save!

Norm's Farms Partners with Whitebox

Whitebox has also listed our products for sale on Ebay in singles and multi-pack configurations for those of you who are Ebay fans.

Due to the different fees that Amazon and Ebay charge you’ll notice pricing differences between the two on-line merchants and we’ve done our best to keep prices as low as possible.

Whitebox is Norm’s Farms New Order Fulfillment Partner

The best deals are still to be had on the Norm’s Farms website shop.  And now that Whitebox has taken over the shipping for us we are able to pass along to you the best deals on shipping we’ve seen since Amazon.  And if you like paying no shipping at all, don’t forget that you can get free shipping from Norm’s Farms whenever your order totals 49.00 dollars or more.

Should you ever have issues with your order you now have two companies ready and willing, and yes, anxious, to make it right for you!    Whitebox and Norm’s Farms both agree that if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.  While you can always reach us at or at 919-602-2082, you can also reach Whitebox with your order issues at  Whitebox guarantees email responses to inquiries within one business day although most take only a few hours.





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