Norm’s Farms in 2014: What reviewers are saying

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As we welcome summer, we thought it would be good to review what people have said about Norm’s Farms products thus far in 2014. In the first six months of the year, Norm’s Farms has been reviewed by a variety of bloggers. We value customer feedback, so these reviews made us extra happy to learn that everyone enjoys Norm’s Farms!1801341_628536003849496_1128198010_o

Not Too Sugary

In January, Elitemamma tried elderberries for the first time! Elitemamma enjoyed her first experience and particularly loved the Elderberry Ginger Pecan Jam. Elitemamma explained that the jam has a “unique taste” unlike any other she has tried. She made sure to note that Norm’s Farms jams are the perfect level of sweetness for those who cannot eat anything too sugary. Thanks Elitemama! We are happy to read that you enjoyed your first taste of elderberries.

Easy Cough Syrup

Our Elderberry Extract and Wellness Syrup received rave reviews at in March. Between Jenny’s detailed posts and engaging videos, praised the taste and wellness benefits of elderberries. In her video review of the Elderberry Wellness Syrup, exclaimed, “I love this stuff!” She said that elderberry syrup would have eased the battles she had with her mother as a child over cough syrup. called the Elderberry Extract “everyday antioxidants” to help your immune system that tastes great in orange juice.

Speeds up Recovery

Sarah at The Thrifty Housewife agreed that elderberries help boost an immune system. In her April review, she recounted that she used the Elderberry Wellness Syrup when her son was sick and believed it sped up his recovery. Beyond the health benefits, Sarah wrote that she used the extract to make an Italian soda. Yum! That sounds like a delicious drink for a warm summer day. Sarah gave Norm’s Farms her stamp of approval when she wrote, “I would recommend Norms Farms product to anyone looking for USA Produced elderberry products.” Thanks Sarah!

Easy to Add to Your Wellness Regime

Also in April, Cara at Your World: Healthy and Natural reviewed our Elderberry Wellness Syrup as delicious and “easy to add to your wellness regime.” Cara shared that her kids begged for the syrup the last time they were sick. If a child asks for Wellness Syrup you know it must taste good! Cara also made sure to highlight that Norm’s Farms is dedicated to natural products by having a short, readable ingredient list. The first half of 2014 has been wonderful for reviews. Norm’s Farms elderberry products are getting complimented on their scrumptious taste, immunity benefits, and natural ingredients!  A big thanks to everyone who has spread the word about elderberries and Norm’s Farms, because whether you reviewed us on your blog or suggested our products to someone you have helped Norm’s Farms provide healthy, natural elderberry products. Thank you!

Do you have any stories to share about the benefits you have noticed from elderberries? Feedback on our products? Send it to us at

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