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Nature's Nurture Elderberry Life ReviewSarah from Nature’s Nurture has reviewed our Elderberry Life sampler pack (thanks, Sarah!).  We wanted to take a moment to thank her, and to highlight what we think might be the top three takeaways from her review.


One of the questions that we frequently hear from people who aren’t familiar with this amazing berry is: “What do they taste like?”  Sarah had never tasted elderberries either.  Here’s what she had to say:

Having never actually tried elderberry before, I didn’t know what to expect; but these products are absolutely delicious! My husband and son are especially fond of the jam and jelly, which go great on an English muffin and make a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich! In Mr. Nurture’s words, elderberries have such a “wild and bright taste.” The man was eating the jam straight out of the jar, I kid you not! ;)


It’s true.  Not everyone likes our juices straight out of the bottle.  Chances are that you might love ONE or more of our juices straight (they cover a spectrum of not-sweet to sweet in terms of flavor profiles), but sometimes you might prefer our elderberry juices mixed with another beverage of your choice.

The juice was a bit strong on its own, but then we taste tested them by adding a couple tablespoons to a glass of some sparkling water we had in the fridge. Yum! Absolutely delicious and refreshing!

The good news, of course, is if you’re drinking elderberry juice (alone or blended), you can still get the great health benefits while mixing it with another of your choice (such as sparkling water or seltzer for a great Elderberry Spritzer).  The creative possibilities are endless!


When the Norm’s Farms (formerly Elderberry Life) crew sits down to talk about our future, one of the things that comes up on a daily basis is our passion for sustainability.  Sarah picked up on this as one of our core values:

What do I love most about Elderberry Life products (besides their deliciousness, of course)? All their products are packaged in recyclable glass jars and bottles! So you can either repurpose them or toss them in the recycle bin. No nasty plastics – yay!

Glass is not cheaper. But it’s more health and environmentally friendly than plastic. And that’s why your Elderberry Life & Norm’s Farms products come in glass.

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