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Second year well rooted large elderberry plants that will bloom and bear fruit this year! Will grow to 10 feet or taller, give lots of space at the back of the garden or at the edge of the yard, in a location that gets at least 3 hours of sun per day.

All plants ship starting Jan. 1st, 2014.   By ordering now you can beat the Jan. price increase.  It helps us plan how much growing media and container needs are required.  You can also specify a shipping date when checking out.  Just leave a ‘Note to Seller” on the last page of the checkout process or send us an email.

Organically grown elderberry plants using Just Right potting mix and planted in Root Pouches. These biodegradable pots are safe for the environment and can be planted directly in the ground. 4 Variety choices; Ranch, Bob Gordon, Adams, and Wyldewood.  All are top producers from the University of MO Elderberry Improvement Project.

Mature elderberry plants are the quickest way to getting a delirious harvest of the wonderful and abundant elderberries for yourself.  They are best planted in full sun.  Give them good sail, plenty of compost and lots of water.  Some protection from birds and deer are a good idea until the plants are well established.

Elderberry plants can be grown as a hedge row and for privacy, they are pretty as a single specimen or as a foundation planting where they are allowed to grow tall or in between window.  Where ever you put them you won’t be disappointed.

Elderberry Plants

Large Elderberry Plants in 1 Gallon Eco Container
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