Easy Winter Tonic by Joy Filled Eats

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Easy Winter Tonic by Joy Filled EatsEasy Winter Tonic by Joy Filled Eats

December is the month when many of us are on the hunt for an easy winter tonic to keep the crud at bay.  Taryn, the author of the blog named Joy Filled Eats, is a mother of four young kids and as you might imagine, is highly motivated to stop all sickness at the door.   Taryn developed the Elderberry Good Girl Moonshine using Norm’s Farms Elderberry Extract.  This tonic contains probiotic organic vinegar, ginger for the stomach, and her special low carb sweetener blend.  The Elderberry Good Girl Moonshine recipe is so simple, easy and effective, we just have to share it with you!  Many thanks to Taryn!

Elderberry Good Girl Moonshine

One thought on “Easy Winter Tonic by Joy Filled Eats

  1. Since oatmeal for breakfast is pretty much the only consistent meal I eat (as far as where, when & what), I’ve started adding a teaspoon of the extract to my oatmeal. I can tell the difference on those days I forget to add it or skip breakfast all together.
    Oh, and your elderberry jam with the ginger & pecan? I have to confess that I wouldn’t share it with anyone! When I read the recipe you sent with my order for the bars using the jam, I thought I would make those for an upcoming potluck dinner. Well, I made the bars (and everyone really liked them) but . . . I substituted some blueberry preserves in the bars and kept the jam for myself. 🙂

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