Antioxidant Fruits Give Away

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Antioxidant Fruits

Jenny Dean of Antioxidant Fruits is hosting a give away for Norm’s Farms during the month of March, 2014.  One lucky winner will receive one each of our entire product line!

Antioxidant Fruits is a great resource for fruit lovers, folks wanting to know more about the nutritional content and nutritional benefits of their favorite fruits, and for anyone wanting to explore the wonderful world of fruit!  Jenny explores the lore, history, vitamin and nutritional content of each fruit she covers, and provides loads of links to external resources for those wanting even more information.

Jenny’s post about elderberries is what caught our attention, so we were thrilled when she offered to do a review and giveaway of our products.

Ready to enter for your chance to win?  Visit Antioxidant Fruits!  


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